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"There comes a time when experience becomes confidence"
- Indian cricketer Srinath on his performance in the world cup upto now.

Thought the context in which Srinath said this is not very important, this statement taken independently is one of the best I have heard in recent times.

Saturday, February 22, 2003
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Western or Eastern?
From an e-mail to one of my best friends. "...What I feel is that all these brands like western and eastern etc are just different ways of thinking and each and every individual is capable of thinking either way...
isolation of societies in the past, resulted in prevailing thought-strains decide the course and the break-up of the isolation today resulted in the mixing up of the waters with diff concentration of diff minerals, resulting in some kind of homogenisation... west is adopting east as much as east is becoming western...
the resulting homogenous society with more or less the same values (more or less because even today, though 60% of western world have seen east, only 10% of east have seen west. There is sufficient majority of easterners who haven't accepted this homogenisation.. and try to stick on to something, which anyway they were not eternally following.. then what for?) but all the same this doesn't mean the values most suitable for human sustenance(one thing that can surely taken as the baseline for morality) will prevail.. that is where these conservatives have a role to play... they are a link to the past and will not give it away soon and todays teenagers who adopt something new faster than you or me is not entirely the best judge of what's good and bad..

it's a broth, as it always was, as that from which life itself evolved... i don't see any certainties anywhere..."

Tuesday, February 04, 2003
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