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Now here's a demigod
One of the men I most admire turns 100. In Test Cricket your age is not what how many years you have lived but how many tests you have played. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is playing his 100th test tomorrow.
The best quality that I like in him is that he is so focused on winning the match, or taking the century or a wicket. He wants to do it all in cricket. By the time he retires he would have set some Bradman-like records which will be tough to break.
Is Bradman a better player or Sachin? Why should anyone care. And what is there to discuss in it go here and go down to the 6th table from the top.
Bradman was a better player statistically after 52 tests. And we do not know what he would have done had he played 100. Whatever that is Bradman was a very very good cricketer and had he played today we would have loved to watch him. The same is true with Sachin. That's all that matters to me. Comparitively whoever is better is of little significance as I am not in the selection committee and anyway no selection committee in the world will have more than 11 Sachin's or Bradmans :-)

Sachin in his 13-year old career has done a lot. But he has just lived for 29 and with so many years left in his career he will continue to be a joy to watch. Wishing him and India all the best to get that elusive abroad-win.

Being a person who loves statistics and numbers(it's is slightly contradictory with my dislike towards comparisons) the analysis of Sachin's batting performances is one of the things that I have spent most time on.
I love him. And hope he reads these words.

Wednesday, September 04, 2002
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