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Thursday, June 27, 2002
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It makes me feel good when I hear news of Indian IT companies addressing social concerns and doing something positive in that direction. I am not very sure if companies are the right institutions for social improvement activities but for India anything in that direction is welcome.
I had heard a lot about TCSs' efforts in rural literacy in AndhraPradesh. Infosys ofcourse has been doing a lot in similar areas through Infosys foundation.
Just read on rediff about Wipro's plans to re-skill teachers.

The companies and their leaders are proving that their intent is more than earning dollars. Wouldn't it be great if these activities are co-ordinated by a body, which can be formed including members from all these companies?
Why should the social activities of IT companies be co-ordinated? Maybe because such a move might not only help in producing better results for India in these activities but also serve as a forum for a lot more...(I leave it at that)

Monday, June 24, 2002
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What are we doing in this tiny planet in a tiny galaxy in this infinite universe???
What is the origin of all this? What is going to be the end of all this? What are the boundaries? What is the purpose?
Should I do anything? Or should I just sit and observe? Should I seek? Or should I remain passive?
Should I look forward back or anywhere at all?

Is there anything eternal? I will die in some years, everyone around me will. New human beings will be born to die. The existing life forms will vanish. New ones maybe formed to vanish after some time again. This planet was formed and it will be destroyed one day. Another earth may already be there or may come into existence later, but will be destroyed someday. The whole galaxy may have a lifespan. Even the universe. Then what is eternal? What will remain?

Friday, June 21, 2002
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So India is going to have the rare distinction(?) of having bachelors as Prime Minister and President! Probably even a first in the history of the world for countries with similar structure of government.
One has been in politics for more than 50 years and the other not even for 50 minutes. I hope (forgetting what a President can anyway do) that Kalaam brings to Indian polity the most needed thing - common sense.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002
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There is this enthusiastic female, cheerful, energetic. When she comes and talks its like "ek hava ka jhonka aya" (like a gust of wind she came). But she's left now. Me? I am a fallen tree.

Thursday, June 13, 2002
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Whenever anyone asked me a puzzle, I used to forget everything else and just think of solving it. I looked at the others thinking they knew more than me and I am in the dark and lost. But I always managed solving those simple problems and return to normal life. I am not sure if I am just trapped in one such situation now. Someone asked me a puzzle, I forgot everything else and focused my attention, then lost track and have forgotten the question! Others around me sport a contriving smile as usual. The only pathway to normality is now lost. I am trapped in ignorance.

Thursday, June 13, 2002
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Watched Samsara directed by Pan Nalin. It is shot in Ladhakh and is the story of a Budhist monk who is tempted to live a normal family life. Set in the backdrop of Ladhakh, it has stunning visuals, a simple yet profound story, very good performances by the cast, comparitively lesser dialogues and great appeal. It is in Tibetan and being in Belgium, the subtitles were in French and Dutch. Still didn't miss much. The only problem I felt was a couple of times I wondered why the director prolonged a scene, especially the sex ones as they weren't contributing anything to the storyline. It felt like watching a porn-video then. But well every director has his own style.
A must see.

Just a small question: Is a set of all sets which are not members of itself a member of itself?(Russel's paradox) :-)

Wednesday, June 12, 2002
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Tuesday, June 4th, 2002

Live and Let Live

It is very irritating to read what is happening in India. Here is a poor nation trying hard to solve her problems. As it is, she has so many to start with – population, poverty, pollution. It’s a long list. And we have a democratically elected government, which is trying, irrespective of the problems within it or the effectiveness of its measures, to do something. We have people, who whatever their state of life, above all are peace-lovers and want to see their country progress.

It is backward to start with, has multiple hindrances in making progress and is now one of the most-affected victim of terrorism. Her tolerance is tested to it’s limits and then she gives clear indications that there is a limit and she cannot indefinitely refrain from active measures for eternity. And what happens? The resulting situation is not helping her in any useful manner. Again and again it gets the junk statements from other nations saying they are with it and all the usual diplomatic trash. But to add to this, countries are withdrawing their citizens from it and closing down consulates. Who is the loser? India again. I am not saying that a nation should do nothing for the safety of it’s citizens or that it should not withdraw it’s citizens if it sees a possibility of war and ensuing harm to it’s citizens. But in the current situation is it not an overreaction?
Whatever little we are making in IT is affected. Whatever little tourist revenue we get is reduced. All this will affect almost every industry. Here is a nation, which doesn’t want to harm anyone, where the people are not by nature aggressive, a country, which in her history has never attacked any nation, nor has plans to do so, ever. Still it is not allowed to live a normal life. What quirk twist of fate is this that it is being put to so much trouble? Whoever is the perpetrator, LIVE and LET LIVE!!!! Or is all this a part of the game and there is no perpetrator and it’s just fate? I do not think so.

Tuesday, June 04, 2002
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